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Agape Christian Fellowship Oahu

Join us on Saturdays at 9 a.m. at 96-173 Waiawa Road for our Agape Christian Fellowship Oahu church services!

A few years ago we started a church for the angels, their families and ex-inmates. It’s run in large part by the angels! Pastor Roy smiles, “If Jesus only raptured everyone over the age of 18, we would still have church! The kids run most of it—worship, prayer, announcements, tithes+offerings… even our set-up and breakdown!”

After a short message, the Saturday morning church breaks into small groups to “digest.” Groups of men, women, and youth cluster around tables of 10 to read the Bible and share. They close with prayer requests and bowed heads — often shedding tears or sharing fears, always ending “in Jesus Name!”

Our vision is to start videotaping the services & send them to the prisons so that the prisoners may virtually attend church with their ‘ohana!

Agape Christian Fellowship Oahu